Songs to bust a rut to (Spotify adverts)

It’s been so long since the last post that I’m starting to feel guilty about talking about this blog in job applications. Whatever guys, we’re here now.

Last time I said I’d probably be more positive in the next post. I’m just trying to kill off the writer’s block I’ve had so here’s a quick post about an ad campaign by Spotify that I really like.

So, Spotify’s ad campaign isn’t actually here in the UK; it was created by Wieden+Kennedy’s New York office. But anyway, just watch it for yourself:




I really wish I had something insightful to say about them but I just looove these ads. They took me by surprise and made me grin and laugh, and each one made me want to watch the next.

Music streaming services get to have a lot of fun with their ads.

Apple Music has also been known to have funny adverts— I’m thinking of the Taylor Swift/Drake ads. However, although both companies show singers using their products I think the Apple Music ads aren’t as effective, despite going viral very easily by having larger names.

Spotify has a more unique positioning through its ad: there’s a lot to discover through the service, whereas Apple Music isn’t shown as having a different purpose to iTunes. In the Apple ads you could easily substitute the Apple music app for iTunes downloads, Spotify or even YouTube.

And honestly, using Spotify really does have a lot of wonder around it, but I only started using it myself recently so that’s probably why I’m still so amazed by it.

A friend told me that he enjoys looking at the statistics of which countries play certain musicians the most. That’s perhaps a weird way to spend your time, but yeah, it is interesting to know that JLS is enjoyed in Taiwan.

Anyway I’m not talking about the ad now so I guess I’ll stop. This is just a filler post but make sure you stay tuned for the next one because I’m going to talk about butts and the fitness industry so it’ll be hella juicy.

If you absolutely can’t wait till then, have a look at my last post, or contact me.

Thanks for reading, as always.


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